Keynote Speakers



Hessel Oosterbeek is a professor in economics at the University of Amsterdam. His research covers various topics in the area of economics of education including: returns to education and training, effects of class size, peer effects, and school assignment. More information is here if needed.








Julien Grenet is a Senior Researcher at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Professor of Economics at the Paris School of Economics (PSE), and Deputy Director of the Institut des Politiques Publiques (IPP). His current research lies at the intersection of market design and the economics of education, and employs various methodological approaches (quasi-experimental research design, structural estimation, fieldwork). In recent years, he has undertaken multiple research projects focusing on school choice and student assignment mechanisms, with a specific emphasis on reforms implemented in France to expand choice in secondary and higher education (Affelnet, Admission Post-Bac, Parcoursup). His recent work involves developing empirical methodologies to estimate student preferences using data from centralized assignment systems and to better understand how agents form their preferences in such markets. A key objective of his research is to provide insights for policy design. In several instances, he has closely collaborated with policymakers to effectively translate research-based recommendations into practical implementation. One notable example is the introduction of multi-school catchment areas in Paris to mitigate social segregation between middle schools.